Rayvolt e-bikes

Cool retro stylish e-Bikes designed and built from the ground up for people who strive for a way to move about without environmental impact, but doing so in style.

Our range of e-bikes displays outward beauty, sophisticated style, advanced technology, and with custom leatherwork, copper accents and retro-style accessories.

Customised for you

Rayvolt e-Bikes are built on the fundamental philosophy of using the highest quality components and engineering and providing the very best customer service from our UK based service centre.

So often these key elements are overlooked...we aim to always provide the very best quality and reliability, and to give immediate local professional support to our Rayvolt customers.

We also recognise that you want a Rayvolt e-Bike with your own personal preferences, so we have a wide range of retro style high quality accessories to truly customise your Rayvolt e-Bike.

Service and support

Rayvolt UK provides professional service and support nationally from our fully equipped repair and service centre based in South London.

Our technical team is fully trained and we carry the complete range of spares for all our Rayvolt e-Bikes.

We can quickly and professionally diagnose any issue and get you back on the road.


We offer a selected range of designs to fit various needs and styles. However the same brand core value breathes through the entire range. Stylish and timeless mix of Vintage look and State of the Art Technology.


The range incorporates the most advanced management systems. With our App you will be able to set all the parameters of your bike quickly and easily, adapting your bike to your needs and riding style.


Rayvolt Bikes are perfect for your daily trips, both in the city and the countryside. Depending on the motor you choose and your riding style, you can reach up to 50 miles battery range!

Your safety first

We are conscious of the current Coronavirus pandemic…so if you are determined to sensibly avoid using public transport, we want to continue offering Rayvolt e-Bikes as a great alternative environmentally friendly commuter- what better way than to commute on a stylish Rayvolt e-Bike.

And whilst we are talking about the Coronavirus pandemic - the team at Rayvolt is committed to ensuring that we put the safety of our customers and colleagues first.

We are able to arrange personal visits and test rides at our showroom but this is by appointment only, with no more than 2 visitors from the same customer group at any time, and never more than one customer group at a time.

Furthermore, we will continue to follow the social distancing and hand sanitisation guidelines and would ask all our visitors to wear disposable gloves when test riding and we will provide these for you.

We will also ensure that every Rayvolt e-Bike demonstrated will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to further ensure the safety of everybody.